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Premium Precision by CWG.

For hydraulics and pneumatics.
The CNC production of elaborate, piston-like short and long turned parts for hydraulic and pneumatic applications is a core competence of our company. Over thirty years, we have built up a comprehensive pool of know-how. Where others first have to develop, we can already fall back on our own expertise directly. For almost any requirement. Here we guarantee minimal tolerances by our capacity to use fine-machining methods parallel to soft machining. For mobile or stationary applications, whatever the task, and especially when precision down to a single μ is required, we're the right partner!

For automotive.
The automotive industry and its subcontractors like 'thinking big'. As a result, turned parts are required in very high amounts. The highest precision is just as crucial here as economic efficiency and availability. We fulfil these requirements to the letter. By thinking cross-departmentally we create the ability to produce prototypes and samples in small and medium series and then transfer them to line production. This minimizes any risks considerably. Numerous automotive components - primarily drive-train units, also for diesel engines - are thus produced by us every day on an industrial scale.

For mechanical and plant engineering.
Components in mechanical and plant engineering are a special case. Nowhere else are the requirements so specific - whether they apply to size, material or processing steps. In short, an especially broad parts spectrum has to be manufactured in this sector. In small and medium batch sizes. We're ideally prepared for just that.

It starts with large-volume storage of the raw material, continues with flexible production and continues seamlessly through an ERP/PPS system featuring the very latest technology.

For other industries.
Perfect mastery of machining is one thing; making a complete offering available is another. We see ourselves as a comprehensive partner and offer our customers universal service. As well as all the sectors of high-precision machining this also includes production of ready-to-install mechanical subassemblies. And even where classic turned parts are concerned, we master every imaginable challenge. For medical technology applications, for instance, or high-end components for latest-generation bicycles. But it's always with Premium Precision.