Successful completion of certification to IATF16949:2016 at our sites in Gosheim and Aldingen.


At the Gosheim plant, a further extension becomes necessary due to lack of space. The newly opened hall is celebrated in October with a large staff party.


The economy continues to recover. Pre-crisis sales are exceeded for the first time this year.


The crisis seems to be over. Short-time work is no longer necessary. In the autumn of 2010, the 100-year anniversary is celebrated with a ceremony and a Family Day.


Economic crisis – for the first time in its existence, CWG has to introduce short-time work.


Successful completion of environmental certification to DIN ISO 14001:2005


Around 300 employees work in two and three shift operation. Production space as a whole totals 10,000 square metres.


After fulfilment of numerous norms over the past years, the company is now certified to ISO/TS 16949:2002.


The steady increase in demand necessitates construction of a second factory in Aldingen.


A new extension – with a total surface area of 2,800 square metres – is added.


The existing factory building is extended for the first time.


Higher capacities are now required. A new factory building is erected in Gosheim. The grinding shop and processing department are extended.


Steady growth thanks to satisfied customers.


Transition of the management to the sons Stefan and Jakob Weber (2nd generation).

Until 1946

Hard times during the Great Depression, two World Wars, repression under the Nazi regime and dismantling by the occupation forces.


Aged only 18, Christian Weber lays the foundations of today's CWG.

About CWG | Since 1910

Tailored Development.

Precision is integral to CWG - and an important component of our everyday work, together with honesty, predictability and diligence. Those values were displayed by Christian Weber when he founded our company in 1910 at the age of just 18. He never abandoned those values even in difficult times - which included the Great Recession, two world wars, and dismantling by the occupation forces. Values that ultimately defined our family-owned company, and upon which our customers can fully rely to this day.

Slow and sustained growth has always been a maxim of our enterprise, combined with the will and the ability to improve on a continual basis. After all, if you stop progressing you're actually taking a step backwards. And what we do is force progress - to give our customers value added! This is why we always orient ourselves towards the very latest norms and technological standards. Recognizing market trends and developing in such a way that our work processes are always up to date - that's what we called tailored development.