Drehteile Skyline
Teil für Injektor - Im Dieseleinspritzsystem für Off-Grid und Automotive

Part for injector

In diesel injection system for off-grid and automotive
Kolben - Im Hydrauliksystem für große Schiffsmotoren


In hydraulic system for large marine engines
Gehäuse für Sicherheitsventil - In der Hochdruck-Dieseleinspritzpumpe für Automotive

Housing for safety valve

In high pressure diesel injection pump for automotive
Ventilteil - In der Dieseleinspritzpumpe für den Maschinenbau

Valve part

In diesel injection pump for mechanical engineering
Gehäuseteil - Im Injektor für den Maschinenbau

Housing part

In injector for mechanical engineering
Kolben - Im Hydraulikventil für Bau- und Landmaschinen


In hydraulic valve for construction and agricultural machinery
Steuerschieber - Im Hydraulikventil für Bau- und Landmaschinen


In hydraulic valve for construction and agricultural machinery
Kolben - Im Regelventil für Hydraulikpumpen


In control valve for hydraulic pumps
Messpatrone - Im Industrie-Roboter für den Maschinenbau

Measuring cartridge

In industrial robot for mechanical engineering
Sicherheitsventil - Für Baumaschinen

Safety valve

For construction machinery

Specialists for problem-solving

Premium precision meets industry expertise

Premium precision means that whenever things get particularly complex and precise, CWG is your best option.

Why is that? Because we set standards down to the μ range and even a seemingly ”simple turned part” at CWG can have up to 180 measuring points. We use this high level of solution competence and our diverse pool of knowledge and technology to produce complex parts for hydraulics and pneumatics, automotive, mechanical and plant engineering.

Our approach is comprehensive at best - from consulting to prototyping to small, medium or large series. We specialise in the most challenging short and long turned parts – as well as parts where grinding operations are required.

All in all, we stand for far more than ”off-the-peg” solutions. CWG always stands for premium quality from a single source! We prove this over and over again on a daily basis!

Premium Präzision für Automotive

Premium precision

for automotive

Just-in-time with large quantities
The automotive industry and its suppliers manufacture in large dimensions – so turned parts are required in very large quantities. Maximum precision is just as crucial here as cost-effectiveness and availability.

Know-how transfer of prototypes and small/medium series into line production
Cross-divisional thinking enables us to produce prototypes and patterns only in small and medium series, and then to transfer them to line production. Any risks are thus minimised considerably.

Simultaneous engineering in the automotive sector
Millions of units require an optimal production process. This is why our specialists develop an individual process for each new part. Here, we invest in specialised machines, thus meeting the highest customer demands.

Specialization in drive train units
We produce numerous automotive components - primarily drive train units, including those for diesel engines - on an industrial scale, and on a daily basis.

Premium Präzision für Hydraulik und Pneumatik

Premium precision

For hydraulics and pneumatics

Complex piston-like parts
CNC production of complex, piston-type short and long turned parts for hydraulic and pneumatic applications lies at the heart of our company. For example: at CWG spools for hydraulic valves are produced in the range of +/- 0.75 μm on the outside diameter.

Minimum tolerances
We guarantee minimum tolerances through our ability to use not only soft machining but also fine machining processes. For the production of control sleeves, for instance, with honed holes in the range of +/- 2μm.

Maximum vertical integration
Maximum vertical integration, from turning and pre-grinding through hardening and coating to hard turning, finish grinding and assembly. Would you like a part in 10 variants? No problem for CWG!

Mobile and stationary applications
Whether for mobile or stationary applications, and whatever the task is: if precision down to a single μ is required, we’re the right partner!

Prämium Präzision für den Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Premium precision

For mechanical and plant engineering

Broad range of parts
Our complex machine park offers ideal conditions for the production of components in small and medium quantities and in almost all dimensions, materials and processing steps.

Fast availability
Immediate availability of the required raw materials is guaranteed by our modern high rack storage.

Traceability up to the material batch is ensured by a specially adjusted ERP/PPS system.

Module assembly
In addition to the entire spectrum of high-precision machining, we also offer reliable assembly of ready-to-install mechanical components.

Insist on our premium precision!

We see ourselves as a universal partner, serving our customers holistically. In addition to the key sectors, we also produce precision parts for medical applications or high-end components for bicycles of the latest generation. Introduce us to your task!