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Economical and efficient

Precise premium solutions according to plan

CWG develops and produces solutions in economic manufacturing processes and in the context of simultaneous engineering. In order to efficiently design our value chain, we rely on the following: a lean management system (including Milkrun, Kanban, SMED, value stream design and line creation);

a business intelligence system for the preparation and evaluation of data; increased flexibility through minimal batch sizes in the small/medium series area; implementation of superordinate, intelligent order scheduling and organization of production into value streams.

Consulting & Co-Engineering

Sound and practical advice – in terms of materials, equipment and the process used – is a matter of course at CWG. In the context of simultaneous engineering, our customers can modify processes at every stage. For projects, the project manager assumes the role of central communicator and acts as contact person.

Quality Management

CWG is committed to quality in every respect. For employees, for environmental issues, for machines, systems and tools. We achieve the quality of our precision parts and assemblies by means of reliable, transparent processes, efficient quality assurance, state-of-the-art measuring equipment and perfect documentation.

Production planning and prototyping

We produce prototypes under real technical and organisational conditions. For specific production tasks we design and build individual production lines.


The profitability of our manufacturing processes is permanently optimised - be whether via line concepts or special automation concepts. Optimum processing, combined with our high degree of vertical integration, enables us to produce complex precision parts and assemblies in small, medium and high volumes and to deliver them ready for installation - with absolutely reliable and consistent quality.


CWG stands for “the right amount at the right price - and at the right time." With specific workpiece carriers, we ensure that produced qualities are retained. We also realise customer-specific storage and logistics models reliably. Our large-capacity high-bay warehouse offers large quantities of raw materials - in a broad range of materials, shapes and qualities - and is thus the basis for particularly fast product availability.

Would you like to know more about your advantages with CWG?

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