District Administrator Stefan Bär visits CWG in Gosheim

A visit of the CWG company was on the agenda to start off with. Together with the mayor, the district administrator discussed the current challenges of the precision engineering business with managing directors Romuald and Wolfgang Weber  together with around 380 employees at the Gosheim and Aldingen sites. The number of orders is currently very positive, while the acquisition of suitable specialists, along with housing construction, forms one of the major challenges according to management. The district administrator gained a more detailed insight into the production of the family business, which is now in its third generation, during the subsequent tour of the site.

In the course of a short tour of the municipality, Mayor Bernd Haller presented current projects and building projects to the District Administrator, including the expansion of the industrial estate, the expansion of the broadband infrastructure and the planned food market.

Finally, the representatives of associations and several institutions, along with the citizens of Gosheim, were invited to an information exchange session at the town hall. The district administrator started by presenting the issues and challenges currently being faced by the district administration to the approximately 50 attendees. He explicitly addressed the extensive tasks and expenditures in the social field. “The district is financed by funds from the district levy, so I consider it important to explain to citizens precisely what the levy is used for”, stressed the district administrator. “The social expenditure constitutes the largest cost block in the annual district budget. Nearly the entire district levy is allocated to the social tasks that the district performs for the district communities and their inhabitants”.

Other topics included the policy for elderly people, medical care, broadband expansion, the forestry cartel proceedings, local public transport in the district and the planned extension of the district administration office. “While the district of Tuttlingen may be doing very well economically, there is currently a wide range of challenges that we have to address together”, emphasised district administrator Stefan Bär.

Citizens then used the opportunity to ask the district administrator questions on current issues and how to enter into a mutual discourse.

Source: Tuttlingen District Administration